New release: FerretDB v0.8.0 Beta
Alexander Fashakin
January 4, 2023

The last few months have brought many exciting changes and updates to FerretDB, and now we are thrilled to announce the release of our beta version. The new version includes more features, bug fixes, improved documentation, and even better – we’ve implemented authentication for PostgreSQL. 

FerretDB does not aim to cover all features of MongoDB. Our intention with the Beta, and the subsequent GA later this quarter is to provide a solid foundation on which to build targeted features so FerretDB can support more and more real world use cases. See our roadmap for further details.

Keep reading to discover what’s new!

New features

A notable feature added to the FerretDB beta version is the introduction of authentication for PostgreSQL. With this addition, our users can connect securely using passwords; if configured, no connections will be authorized without them. But that’s not all – in addition to the `$max` update operator, FerretDB beta now supports the `$min` update operator. Asides from that, we now support `ordered` inserts.

Bug fixes and enhancements

In the new version, we’ve fixed the issue with `unset` documents being updated by an invalid value of the `$inc` operator when it shouldn’t be. We’ve also modified and simplified how we store data about collections, which should improve performance. However, please note that this particular change breaks backward compatibility. 

To preserve your data, please ensure to:

  • Backup FerretDB databases using `mongodump` or `mongoexport`
  • Backup PostgreSQL database using `pg_dump` or any other tool
  • Stop FerretDB
  • Drop PostgreSQL views for FerretDB databases
  • Start FerretDB 0.8
  • Restore databases using `mongorestore` or `mongoimport`


Our documentation has been updated to include sections for element query operators, array query operators, and comparison and logical query operators.

Other changes

In this latest release, we’ve removed support for `$elemMatch` and `$slice` projection operators. At the moment, there are problems with these operators that we cannot fix since we’re prioritizing other fixes. Note that this does not affect the support for the `$elemMatch` query operator. Please check the FerretDB documentation for more details on the supported operators and commands.

Find more details about the new features and changes in the FerretDB beta version in our file. If you have any questions about FerretDB, please feel free to contact us.