Upcoming Events

Meet and hear FerretDB team members talk about FerretDB or related technologies.

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22-24th May, 2023

Percona Live 2023

Denver, Colorado, USA

A new standard is being born: the quest to bring MongoDB workloads back to open source

Speaker: Peter Farkas, Co-Founder & CEO, FerretDB

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29th June 2023

GopherCon Europe

Berlin, Germany

Why Integration Tests Might Be Better Than Unit Tests

Speaker: Elena Grahovac, Director of Engineering, FerretDB


Past Events

21th April, 2023

PGConf Silicon Valley

San Jose, California, USA

Moving MongoDB Workloads to Postgres with FerretDB

Speaker: Peter Farkas, Co-Founder & CEO, FerretDB

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9th May, 2023

State of Open Source Con Subset

Open Standards and Open Source: An Introduction

Speaker: Peter Farkas, Co-Founder & CEO, FerretDB


17th May, 2023

Open Virtualization Pro Webinar series


Building an Open Source, MongoDB-compatible database

Speaker: Alexey Palazhchenko, Co-Founder & CTO, FerretDB