A truly Open Source MongoDB alternative


MongoDB is a life-changing technology for many developers, empowering them to build applications faster than using relational databases.

However, MongoDB abandoned its Open-Source roots, changing the license to SSPL making it unusable for many Open Source and Commercial Projects.

See and try FerretDB in action!

FerretDB is going to be a perfect solution for those looking for MongoDB development experience available as fully Open Source Software.

Our Solution

The core of our solution is a stateless proxy, which converts MongoDB protocol queries to SQL, and uses PostgreSQL as a database engine. This will be compatible with MongoDB drivers, and should work as a drop-in replacement to MongoDB in many cases.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable the open source community and developers to reap the benefits of easy to use document databases, while staying away from vendor lock-in, and fauxpen licenses.

Our Values

We are open source advocates at heart, and we release FerretDB with an open source license recognized by the Open Source Initiative. We are Maintainer level supporters of the OSI.